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Spring 2020 edition of Brackie Guide

Our Spring edition of Brackie Guide is here. We’ll be distributing these booklets in September, October and November 2020. Thank you so much to all our loyal advertisers and readers.…

Current Brackie Guide distribution

Thank goodness, businesses are opening up again and we can continue as (almost) normal. I am sure everyone will understand that under circumstances out of our control, we are now…

How can we get through this?

It’s a difficult time that we’re living through. Who would ever have thought we would see a pandemic of this magnitude. The Corona virus is affecting so many lives worldwide,…

Report: First edition done and dusted

Our very first edition of Brackie Guide is done and dusted. We started distribution on the 23rd of September until the end of November. Here is a brief overview: We…

Local Marketing Tips

Marketing is the life blood of any business, even big brands that are household names, still do marketing on an ongoing basis. Sometimes you will see results immediately and other…

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