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Math In Action

We offer personalized Math tuition where each learner will be treated according to his/her individual needs. Teaching methods and the pace of working will be adapted according to the comfort of each learner. Our service offered is bilingual.

Our aim is to teach each learner persistence and endurance because it is not about how much you have wrong/correct instead it is about many times you are willing to try.

Our classes are small in order to create a safe environment where they will feel comfortable to ask questions which they are too shy to ask in the classroom.
Our mission is to get to the root/gap that might have been missed which is the cause of the Mathematical struggle.

We love seeing how each learner thrives in Maths and seeing the transformation from feeling insecure and disliking Math to being confident and loving Math. We believe in creating an environment where learners can learn, have fun, receive information, respond and feel important.

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