Report: First edition done and dusted

Our very first edition of Brackie Guide is done and dusted. We started distribution on the 23rd of September until the end of November.

Here is a brief overview:

We distributed to the following places in Brackenfell:

  • Homes in Protea Heights
  • Brackenfell Spar
  • RealNet at Old Oak Spar
  • Angel Fisheries
  • Dr. van Koersveld
  • Laundromat at Protea Heights Spar
  • Dentist at Protea Heights Spar
  • Martin Grimbly Optometrist across Brackenfell Primary
  • Drs Kotze, Fernandes & partners

The following Flyers were distributed which ranged from 1000 to 5000 of each:

  • Inuka Fragrances
  • Make it Visual – 1 Hour photo framing
  • Evolve Fit Studio
  • Apollo Kombi Hire

Here is our average monthly social media stats as of November 2019.

We started our Facebook page on 24 July 2019 at 0 Likes and have grown to 425 in about 4 months.

We started our Website on 1 August 2019. At the end of our 1st month we had 189 online Visitors.

See in the pic below where we are at now:

I want to thank all our advertisers who weren’t afraid to go 1st, who trusted us to deliver a service and gave us the opportunity to earn their trust.

I am so blessed by how well Brackie Guide was received by all. Let’s embrace supporting local and actually support each other. That’s what I will be doing.