Local Marketing Tips

Marketing is the life blood of any business, even big brands that are household names, still do marketing on an ongoing basis. Sometimes you will see results immediately and other times customers don’t need your service at that moment, BUT customers need to know where to find you when they need your service or product.

Here are a few tips that will help your marketing efforts:

Teaming up

Team up with a local business and cross promote. It can be as simple as giving another store your coupons, flyers or business cards to place on their counter, while you do the same for them.

Use Facebook

One of the best ways to promote your business is by using Facebook. Here you can connect with your customers and build trusted relationships. The key is consistency. Create content and post on a regular basis. My best advice is content, content, content.

List your Business in Multiple Directories

Make sure that your listing in online directories are accurate and up to date. These listings will help you rank better on local Google searches. This helps more potential customers find your business. Customers don’t just search for ‘Plumber’, they search for a plumber in their area like ‘Plumber Brackenfell’.

Flyers / Leaflets / Marketing material

Yes, Flyers still work. Use eye catching flyers with a brief description of what you offer with your contact details. Don’t write an essay on flyers – it won’t be read, so keep it short.

Print drives online searches – Many buyers start their online search after viewing a print advertisement, so make sure to have your website address on there too. Flyers also work well is you have a specific promotion and you want to get the word out.

Local Booklet Advertising

It’s less expensive to advertise in a booklet and it gets distributed for you, so it saves you money and time. Local advertising booklets tend to build a loyal readership that look forward to each edition.

Engagement is high as people love browsing through a local booklet and usually pass it on to someone else in the house to read. A flyer on it’s own may get lost, but a ‘magazine’ lingers around longer and when placed in places such as doctor’s waiting rooms or any places where people wait for example take away’s, booklets can live for months, or until the next issue arrives.

Website SEO

First of all – HAVE A WEBSITE

Secondly – use keywords and location keywords to rank better in Google searches. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think what they would type into the Google search bar to search for a service like yours. Use those words on your website and in your blog posts to start ranking for them. Just remember that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. It will pay off in the long run, so it’s worth investing your time.

Guest posts

No one knows your business better that you. You spend years perfecting your craft. A great way to market your business is by establishing yourself as an ‘expert’ in your field. Think of what your customers struggle with and write an interesting article that will be helpful to your customers.

Contact relevant, local bloggers and ask if they accept guest posts and send them your content.

We happily accept guest posts. Just send us your article and we will gladly post it on our blog. Remember to include a brief bio at the bottom about yourself / business with contact details.


A giveaway always attracts a lot of attention. Better yet if you can team up with a local biz or even a local blogger. A good review article can send you traffic on the long run as the article will stay on their blog and people can read it for years to come. Cross promotion with another business also works well as you reach a new audience and so do they.

Email Marketing

Beyond delivering a great service / product customers don’t always return. Why? They just don’t think about you. You have to stay on top of their mind. Email is a great way to remind customers of your great service and get them to come back for more. It’s subtle and inexpensive to send. Your customers will want to receive your emails, especially if they come with deals or discounts.

While many advertisers today are moving toward online channels to reach their target markets, print advertising still holds many benefits. It’s best to create a marketing strategy and combine your efforts by using mixed media marketing and draw on the strengths of each. This can successfully increase your sales and profits.