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Ozone Vitality

Unleash your body's potential at Ozone Vitality, a haven for holistic wellness in Cape Town. Experience the revitalizing power of medical ozone therapy, tailored to your unique needs. Soothe muscles with expert massage therapy, explore alternative options like cupping and acupuncture, and boost your well-being with a curated selection of vitamins, supplements, and medical equipment. Discover a path to optimal health at Ozone Vitality.


- Ozone Sauna Therapy

- Ozone IV Treatment

- Ozonated Healing Oils

- Auricular Acupuncture (Ear)

- Various IV Treatments (Myer's Cocktail, Super Charge etc)

- Herbal Oil Supplements

- Various dietary Supplements (Vitamins & Minerals, Drops etc)

- Traumeel Injections

- Massage Oils

- Target Roller Oils

- Suppository Pain Bullets

- Quantum Health Scanning

- Various Massages

- and much more

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